What is a siren?

For those of you that do not read Homer or Virgil, sirens are characters in the Odyssey. They sang while ships passed, but they sang so well, no one could resist their songs' lure.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You are my Song

I have known several people recently that are struggling in relationships and trying to find some sort of restoration. This parable was written for them.

Music: A modern day parable.

Once upon a time there was a man and a woman. They sat around a record player that was playing an energetic song. Both the man and woman both said "I could listen to this song forever!"
So they played it over and over. The song played and played..it played at their wedding.

And they were happy.

So time went by and the woman said "Hey, let's start listening to lullabies!" So they did. The song played over and over on the record player. They loved the new songs.

And they were happy.

After a while the man said "I am so tired of lullabies. What happened to the old song?" But he was not going to ask to change the record. He knew the woman loved the lullaby.

Then the woman started thinking as well. "I am so tired of lullabies. Why don't we get a new song?" But she was afraid to ask the man.

By and by the man changed the song to a working song. The woman could not relate. She thought it was depressing, harsh and long. Although she did not want the lullaby anymore.

So it happened that she discovered a new music. She played it in her room quietly. It seemed to her the man had no interest in her music, so she never invited him to listen. The man was sad. He wanted to learn the new music, but the woman hogged the record player, and never asked him to join her.

After a while, they played music in other parts of the house. The man grew madder. The woman, sadder. They both wished they had not misplaced the original record.

The woman looked and looked all around for that fun song they once loved. The one that played at their wedding. But the record was gone.

One day the man asked the woman if she wanted to go to the record store with him.

To his surprise, she said yes.

At the store, they found hundreds of albums, new songs and old. They chose a few and took them home to try out. There were fast, slow, loud, soft, long and short songs. There was pop and urban music, reggae, bluegrass and country. There was alternative and Christian music. There was an entire world of music that neither had ever experienced.

The man and the woman realized something. Their connection did not come from a song. They did not have to always listen to the same record over and over. And they did not always have to like the same music. All they really had to do was to share the song that the heart sings. And the Heart's song is, and always will be, Love.

And the man and the woman were happy.

You Are My Song

Come ride with me in the morning
Come sail with me in the dawn
You will have music where ever you go
For I am the singer and you are the song

Come wake with me in the springtime
Before the summer world stirs
Come and sing our song to the waking wind
For I am the music and you are the words
I'll shout your name to the heavens
Share the love you bring
You are the words and the music...
You are the song I sing

come climb with me over mountains
Come ride with me to the moon
Let us listen to love and follow it's lead
For I am the player and you are the tune

In the still and the silent dawn
A thousand angels of fame
They are bursting forth in sweetest song
Every time I speak your name.
Every time I speak your name.