What is a siren?

For those of you that do not read Homer or Virgil, sirens are characters in the Odyssey. They sang while ships passed, but they sang so well, no one could resist their songs' lure.

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Friday, January 9, 2009


the thursday challenge for this week, color. Unfortunately, that title is in so many songs, it was a distraction for me earlier today, as it was for Hilary. We lose focus when "blue eyes cryin in the rain" is playing in a perpetual loop.

I thought of all kinds of colors today. My favorite is turquoise, but that doesnt rhyme very well. Red is nice, but over used. I tried several colors. Then I settled on one and started to write.

Once I got focused, the song came easily, a tune came readily and in 15 min...I had a song.

I dont know why I struggle so much. I struggle for control, struggle to "fix" things. Struggle with my child, struggle with my time. Struggle to achieve. It is so much work, exhausting, really. Uses my energy and makes me unhappy. I do "what I do not want to do," just like Paul.

You would think I would learn the lesson from my songwriting..relax and let go. Focus and find freedom. Release and you can get "in the flow." Only then the song arrives. As the wind blows the cold front in outside, I regret that tomorrow will be 30 degrees when today was 80, but it is fruitless to struggle against the wind. Winter will have its way, granted only by the Creator.

I chose the color white. Pure and clean. The rider on the white horse. white robes, pure like linen. Where we can place our focus and everything makes sense. And so I will relinquish my control and stop struggling. He is the ultimate songwriter anyway. Everything else is just noise.

Winter White, Winter White
Winter Cold and clean and bright
Send the snow and dark deep sky
winter bring your song

Winter cold and winter white
Windy days and starry nights
Time for hope and time for cheer
Winter bring your song

A winter song flows on the wind
and makes the year begin again
The frost will thaw and spring will come
So winter sing your song

winter dark and winter dear
Winter white is cold and clear
Gleaming days and silvery nights
Sing sweet winter white

See the frost perched on the ground
and the snow falling like down
Like feathers from the northern sky
Sing sweet winter white
Sing sweet winter white.

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Hilary said...

Shannon will be so excited! It's another Winter song. I like it. Can't wait to hear the tune.