What is a siren?

For those of you that do not read Homer or Virgil, sirens are characters in the Odyssey. They sang while ships passed, but they sang so well, no one could resist their songs' lure.

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Friday, January 22, 2010


I have been watching my son play his new Wii game system this evening. The racetrack he was using was in space...he kept falling off and burning up in the atmosphere. It was funny, as the little mario-kart immediately regenerated and resumed the race.

The burn was brief...it made me think of shooting stars or meteors. (we just finished a space project for the science fair, so they are on my mind.) It also made me think of how many things don't last. So much of life is made of the temporal. I find it a bit sad at times...as I am a fast burn kind of gal. I love to burn as bright as I can, but find that is a state hard to maintain. It requires enormous energy and often makes me depressed, as I need more and more to make me happy. It is nice to have friends and a husband that keep me grounded and stable. thank goodness.

And it is nice when you encounter a friendship that endures.

So I spoke to one of these wonderful friends today. (she is of the mermaids) She is getting serious with her guy. They are in love. She thinks he is the 'one' and he thinks the same of her.
I was so happy for her. She is not a shooting star kind of gal. She is more the steady slow-burn type. But what a blessing that she is happy. (he is lucky.)

So, of course, came the song. I think that some people are more steady than others. Unlike when Evita sang of " burning with the splendor of the brightest star," some stars shine just as well, but less brightly. Enduring and stable...they last.

That describes my friend, my mermaid sister. And I think she has found her match. Enduring: they will shine together.

I miss you, my friend. A million blessings from the sea.


Twilight falls
And the color of night is etched onto my window
stars recalled
Lighting the night with silver and purple follows.
Until tomorrow.

Shooting stars burn for a moment.
Meteors are passing fair
But you and I will burn forever
In the silky night-time air
Stardust, we are stardust.

Light returns
The moon is a crescent, she is lying on clouds in the sky
Ocean churns
And the stars guide our way through the paths of the tide
With you by my side

I thought I needed shooting stars
And meteors, too
but I found that what I need is stardust
And babe, that is me and you...

Dawn is here
And the sky breaks apart without a warning
Tell the moon
Goodbye... but know that the stardust will linger through morning..
Seasons enduring.

Shooting stars burn for a moment
Meteors are passing fair
But you and I will burn forever
In the silky night-time air
Stardust, We are stardust.....

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