What is a siren?

For those of you that do not read Homer or Virgil, sirens are characters in the Odyssey. They sang while ships passed, but they sang so well, no one could resist their songs' lure.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Space Between

Taking the get well card out of my purse, I dont know what to do with it now. It is addressed "mitzi." Cant bring myself to throw it away, and I cant open it up. It is frozen in time now, and I must purchase a sympathy card.

Weird feelings flood me, she really was so so young. Wow, I am almost her age. And bam, she has gone. Then there are the regrets, I was on my way to the hospital to see her. I was in town by chance. I was there the day before but didnt find the time to go in. The phone call came, and my plans and my card are for naught.

That space between this life and the next is such a challenge. Do I have faith enough. Do I love God enough to trust that someday, I will be able to say "hey, girl!" to Mitzi in person. Do I know the Comforter enough to let Him comfort me, or will I be ruled by regret?

The chasm and the space between God and us....it is fathomless and no one has seen it, but the Father and the son. He must have reached through the temples of time and seen it, known there was no way across for us. Lost, lost to ourselves. to death. Death and separation forever from the one who made us.

but fortunately I will be crossing over that space, and I will see the people that I care about who have gone on. I will see Mitzi and Kari and Gary and Kim and many others. i will use the bridge that Jesus made for me so very long ago.

I, for one, am glad he reached across, and saved us.

The Space between

There is a picture in a chapel
On a Roman Ceiling
And the story it is telling
Is the story of you and me

For If you look up you can see
Adam reaching across
That ceiling Michaelangelo painted…
Every hopeful never dross..

So close but so far
I just have to get to where you are
If we can get beyond the times we have seen
Then we can reach across
The space between

There is a deep ravine that I can see
With no way to get around
So If you want to reach the other side you must use
The rope bridge far above the ground.. .

We got a past, I know it is true
There are photographs of me and photographs of you
But if we will turn back the page of history
We can find those pictures of you and me.

So close, but so far..I just have to get to where you are
If we can get beyond those times we have seen...
then we can reach across the space between.

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Melanie said...

I love your blog post... So honest and heart touching!